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For Generation, prayer is vital. Prayer connects us with God our Father who is always ready to listen whatever we have done and whatever state we are in. We believe that prayer is powerful and always changes things, even if it’s not obvious at the time.

Over recent years we have learnt even more about determined prayer and have been challenged by various situations to persist in praying. We feel called as a church family to pray even more, for friends, family, community and nations.

We have seen our church community respond again and again to prayer needs, sometimes praying in a rota for many hours. During the Covid pandemic, we again and again responded to prayer requests.

A WhatsApp group was set up called “Connected” and people have sent prayer needs in, sometimes from the most distant connections. We have seen our church family gain an appetite for prayer.

Prayers have been answered in quite wonderful ways. Prayer works! Prayer invites the spiritual realm into our lives, prayer engages our spirits and forges deep connections with Father God and brings His light into even the darkest situations.

There’s something for the whole family! We host massive youth events and weekly group discussions, fun, games, crafts and bible stories.

What have we done?

The Church has been around for over 30 years. Over the time we have been involved in loads in our communities: massive youth events like Interface and Mix, clubs for youngsters like Powerpoint, Livewires, Duggie Dug Dug, Fish Club, Craftzone and the Ark.

We are also involved in our local Churches Together and have also supported people to go and work overseas in places such as Sri Lanka, Romania, Kenya and Argentina.

Young People 11+

Events, small groups, discussion and debates. Interested? Email us or call 07849653449


5-11s Sunday club – fun, games, crafts, bible stories.


60+? Come and have a cup of tea. Fridays at West Ewell Evangelical Church from 2pm.

Africa Connections

We have an extended family in Kenya, Sammy explains why:
I’ve twice been able to visit our friends in rural Elburgon, Kenya. Dr Bishop Davis Gatua (who would tell me off for using his titles) has been a friend to the church for almost 30 years after working with a charity “through the roof”.

After hearing stories from others who have visited, I jumped at the chance to spend time with Davis’ church and family in a country I’d never seen. The initial welcome turned out to be a perfect snapshot of our time in Kenya. We arrived, after many hours of travelling, to a Sunday service that was waiting for us. Many visiting preachers spoke, in three languages in total, through various interpreters.

Africa Connections

There was singing and dancing and children’s work going on outside, which wasn’t so different to home. It was hot and noisy and felt almost chaotic, like much of the trip, and I don’t know when I’ve smiled so much! The church taught me about worship and sharing real passion for God with one another – these meetings were not a place for quiet reflection but joyful expression of love and gratitude.

Over both trips I made friends with the people we met, prayed over baptisms and sang both my songs and songs I learned there. I was able to teach in the school and learn as much Swahili as I possible. Language study happened mostly in car journeys where 8 of us piled into a hatchback and discovered common knowledge such as UK geography according to the premier league.

Davis never stops reaching out to his community. We hear updates of his work, not only in his churches and school, but inside the government, in feeding his community and using his counselling training to speak on mental health in a national radio program. We continue to support this community with prayer, finances and friendship currently remotely, but hopefully in person again very soon.