Why we believe

Everyone believes in something. We believe in a powerful and personal God who offers hope and forgiveness to all. We seek to follow the example of Jesus and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We hope you are inspired to find us, get to know us and discover more about why, in an increasingly cynical world we continue to believe.


Our beliefs are built on the Bible, which we accept as inspired by God.

We believe that it tells the story of God and his relationship with us as humans and with our world, from its very beginnings to the end of time as we know it. The Bible introduces us to the vastness of The Creator – God, the compassion of His son – Jesus and the comfort and strength of our helper – The Holy Spirit.

We believe in… a powerful and personal God who offers hope and forgiveness to all


Faith in God is a personal choice. We do not seek to force our views on others but instead to live lives that reflect the goodness and the grace of God. We believe that our actions should speak louder than our words.


We don’t follow a formula but have freedom to express our faith in our own unique ways, growing and deepening our relationship with God and his church in a world of constant change. We are open to exploring Godly spirituality in many ways, such as the wonder of dreams and the significance of angels as God’s messengers and guardians.